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NESHVYL founded in 1991:

  • Company specialited in consulting, delivery and installation of waterproofing;
  • Agency representing, import and wholesale;

Waterproofing of foundation, flat roofs, terraces:
- PU coatings and polymer cements, synthetic membranes: EPDM, TPO and PVC; MetaMethylAcrylic resins (MMA);

Waterproofing of the tunnels:
- synthetic membranes: LLDPE, PVC, EPDM, spray appled MMA resin capable to carry on shotcrete – composite effect;

Waterproofing of bridges, viaducts:
- Bitumen waterproofing technical most advance airless system MMA resins;

Waterproofing of channels, ponds, reservoirs, retentions, landfills, artifical lakes, etc..:
-Geomembranes made of LDPE, HDPE, PP, EPDM.

Agency representing, import and wholesale, covers the following product groups:

  • drainage membranes for usage in building industry;
  • facade waterproofing and air sealing
  • gaskets for doors and windows industry unique system of adittional sealing of wooden doors and windows
  • Rubber expansion joints - TEGUFLEX for all types of fluids (water, food, petroleum products, acids, etc.) for diameters from DN25mm up to 5000 mm DN25mm,
  • rubber expansion joints for bridges TRANSFLEX system.

We work closely with several world-r known companies, such as:

Trelleborg, Sweden -
SealEco, Sweden -
Stirling Lloyd, England -
Italiana Membrane, Italy -

Isola, Norway -
Engepol, Brazil -
Optigreen, Germany -





Stirling Lloyd
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